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What should I pay attention to when purchasing an automatic door opener?

September 24, 2022

How to choose a suitable automatic door opener from purchase to installation?

(1) Select the professional factory

(2) Purchase cost

(3) Which automatic swing gate openers to choose,We have highlighted this.

(4) When purchasing a door operator, the compatibility of the door operator should be considered.

(5) Engineering problems

1:Select the professional factory- personal recommendation to cooperate with the factory directly. Cut out the middleman.If you have any questions, you can also communicate with the factory directly ( Email to:

remote gate controller

Any machine will have certain problems after a certain period of use, so when purchasing a machine, first check whether the purchasing unit is a professional sales unit and whether it can provide good after-sales service. At present, most of the automatic door manufacturers of most brands use the regional agent authorization method for distribution, and the agent provides after-sales service for customers, so that the rights and interests of customers are guaranteed. Of course, it is inevitable that some people will be confused, so you can ask the purchaser to provide relevant guarantee certificates or manufacturer authorization letters when purchasing the machine. One more thing to keep in mind: Beware of fakes.

(2) Purchase cost

Everyone hopes to buy a set of gate swing opener with superior performance, reliable quality and moderate price. Now, the price of door operators on the market ranges from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. There are imported and domestic brands, and the difference is very large. Generally speaking, the price of door operators with better performance and quality is naturally higher, because professional manufacturers do not hesitate to use high-quality parts in order to improve the quality of door operators. As the saying goes: you won't lose by shopping around, you can go to a few more factories or companies, learn more about the price and quality of similar door operators, read more relevant information, and then make a budget.

(3) Which automatic gate system to choose,the details as below:

If there is a large flow of people, hundreds to thousands of people enter and exit every day, and the door opening is large, such as shopping malls, airports and other occasions, it is better to choose a door operator with a strong brand to avoid failure of the door operator during the peak flow of people. , causing great inconvenience to customers and affecting customer impression.Model:ED200 can meet your demand, the holding force can up to 150KG.

If the flow of people is not very large, but the door opening requirements are large, such as a car dealership, you should choose a door operator that can withstand a large weight, so as to ensure that the door operator will not run too slowly. It is best that the door operator also has half-opening Function, that is, when there are no cars or large items in and out, and there are few pedestrians, the opening of the door can be halved to prevent the loss of heating or cold air in the door. If the flow of people is small, the door opening is average, and the investment budget is small, such as offices and office rooms, you can choose ordinary door operators with low prices. This type of door operator can generally be used without failure, but the service life will be relatively short. If the purchase unit has good after-sales service and can provide in-place maintenance services at any time, then you can use it with confidence.

the ideal modelis:ED100

Our factory also provides a two-year warranty.The following are the detailed installation steps of the automatic door opener.The following is a detailed explanation, how to install an automatic door opener?

(4) When purchasing a automatic swing gate openers, the compatibility of the door operator should be considered..

For the use units that are highly confidential or restrict the entry and exit of people, certain restricting devices should be added to the door operator, such as electronic synchronization locks, inductive access control, card swiping devices, to restrict the entry of people without cards, etc., which all require door operators. Compatible, these devices can be retrofitted. Some automatic door operators have such functions themselves, which are easy to install, while some door operators do not have this function, and many devices must be added to be installed, which leads to unnecessary expenses.

automatic swing gate openers(5) Engineering problems

Be sure to choose a good and stable engineering construction company instead of a guerrilla-style mobile unit, which can ensure the quality of the project and after-sales service. Of course, there are many types of automatic door operators. In addition to translational induction doors, there are also arc induction doors, folding induction doors, overlapping induction doors, rotary induction doors, etc., and even telescopic electric doors for factories and mines. Garage doors have also joined the ranks of automatic doors one after another. The final choice of door operator depends on factors such as the use site of the door operator and the purpose of the door operator. It is best to visit some professional door operator manufacturers and users when purchasing the machine to learn more about the quality of the door operator.

Whether you have any questions about purchasing or using it, you can call or email us at any time. Tel: +86 755 29450011  Email:

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