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  • 12Mar
    How do we know that our Automatic Swing Door Opener is a Pull door or Push door?

    We noticed that when many customers choose automatic door openers, they do not know whether their door is pushed or pulled. The picture below can help you understand.If you want to buy an automatic door opener stopper, as below:See which one its yours,as below:Another way is: By looking at the top of the door, you can tell if you need to push or pull and avoid embarrassment. If there is something on the inside of the frame (same side as you), push the door. If you see nothing blocking the frame, pull it open.Of course, if these pictures can't solve your problem, you can also send us pictures at any time.We have professional sales who can give you an accurate answer.S4A Industrial Co.Limited

  • 25Dec
    S4A Private Model-TF4 RFID Access Control System is officially on sale

    After several months of overtime work in the R&D department and dozens of debugging, the S4A private model-TF4 access control unit was officially launched for sale. It was born to further improve the safety of entrances and exits. This product continues S4A's consistent ingenuity design and is in product structure, actual performance, and application experience. New breakthroughs have been made in such areas.If you are interested in this product or any other access control or automatic opener and want to be an exclusive agent, please feel free to leave us a message or call directly.From -S4A Marketing Department

  • 25Dec
    Which kind of Magnetic door holder will be better? Wall mounted or the Floor mounted?  S4A teaches you how to choose

    The Magnetic door holder is a hardware accessory used by every household. It can protect the door leaf and prevent the door leaf from being damaged due to strong collisions. The Magnetic door holder can be divided into wall-mounted and floor mounted from the installation method. Many families will be entangled when choosing: which one is better to choose? Today, S4A will help you analyze it.Understanding Magnetic door holderA magnetic door holder, commonly known as a door bumper, is a device that can hold the door leaf when the door leaf is opened. According to the installation form, the Magnetic door stop is divided into the wall-mounted type and floor-mounted type.A small metal plate is attached to the door and is positioned to come in direct contact with the electromagnet. When energized, the electromagnet will hold onto the metal plate to hold the door open. Mag hold-open devices are connected to the fire alarm system or life safety system.The Magnetic door holder is installed behind the door. When the door is opened, the door is stabilized by its magnetism to prevent it from closing automatically when the wind blows. This is especially suitable for the elderly and children at home, effectively preventing the elderly and children from accidentally locking themselves into the house. inside.The difference between wall-mounted and floor mountedThe function of wall mounted and floor mounted is to prevent the door of the house from touching the wall and damaging the wall, but both wall-mounted and ground-mounted have their own advantages and disadvantages.Wall-mounted1. Under normal circumstances, most households use wall-mounted, which is installed on the wall behind the door, which does not take up space and is more securely fixed.In addition, the wall-mounted does not occupy floor space, has a good decorative effect, does not affect the aesthetics of the home, and is more convenient to use.2. Wall mounted has high requirements on the wall surface. Some owners worry that nailing the door stopper to the wall may cause damage to the wall due to excessive tension. In fact, it is normal to have such a worry.If the wall of the house is made of cement and mixed with a lot of sand, this kind of wall is likely to damage the wall if it is sucked by the wall.Ground-mounted The ground-mounted is installed on the ground, it occupies a small floor area, and the sound insulation effect is better. The distance between the door and the wall is not high, and there is no requirement for the wall.2. When it comes to ground-mounted, it is estimated that some owners feel that ground-mounted is too intrusive, and they are easy to trip when they are not paying attention. When cleaning the room, the ground around the floor-mounted is not easy to clean, and it is easy to rust after a long time of use.The Emergency Door Holder is a powerful "weapon" to protect the wall and door leaf. Choosing a suitable door stopper can prolong the service life of the door...

  • 09Oct
    What is the static code reader and dynamic code reader?

    Most the clients have no idea what is the dynamic and what is the Static reader,and what's the difference, for better to understand, we make a list with information for your reference.Static code analysis is done without executing any of the code,dynamic code analysis relies on studying how the code behaves during execution,Code analysis in itself produces secure code, but other issues, such as changes within the system build, need to also be considered to produce a secure systemWhat is the meaning of dynamic code?Dynamic code analysis is a testing procedure that is part of the software debugging process and used to evaluate a program during real-time execution. It is applied during the development phase.What is the meaning of static code?Static code analysis is a method of debugging by examining source code before a program is run. It's done by analyzing a set of code against a set (or multiple sets) of coding rules. Static code analysis and static analysis are often used interchangeably, along with source code analysis

  • 01Oct
    S4A National Holiday Notice 1st-7th,October 2021

    Dear All S4A Valuable Partners:Please kindly be informed that our offices in Shenzhen for the National Day HolidayHoliday in Oct,2021 from S4AFromToResume backTotal1st,Oct7th,Oct8th,Oct7days offIf you have any emergency or technical questions, please call us directly.Tel: 0086 755 29450011

  • 18Sep
    S4A Holiday Notice-Mid-Autumn Festival

    Dear All S4A Valuable partners:Please kindly be informed that our offices in Shenzhen for the Mid-Autumn Festival on 19th-21st,Sep 2021 and Resume back on 22nd,Sep,2021 (on Wednesday).If you have any emergency or technical questions, please call us directly.Contact PersonPhone No.DateMs Danny Zeng0086 136 3264 618519th,Sep,2021Ms Vivian He0086 137 6016 809720th,Sep,2021Ms Anna Zhang0086 134 1050 072121st,Sep,2021The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival. It traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which is in September or early October on the Gregorian calendar.In 2021, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 21st (Tuesday). We will have a 3-day public holiday from September 19th to 21st.2021Mid-Autumn Festival Facts:Name in Chinese: 中秋节 Zhōngqiūjié /jong-chyoh-jyeah/ 'middle autumn festival'Also called: Mooncake Festival, Moon Festival2021 date: Tuesday, September 21st. See more on Mid-Autumn Festival Dates.Public holiday: September 19–21 (Sunday–Tuesday), 2021Why it's celebrated: to worship the moon and celebrate the harvestMust-eat food: mooncakeCelebrations: family gatherings, admiring the full moon, eating mooncakes, lantern lighting, etc.Greetings: The simplest is "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" (中秋快乐 'Mid-Autumn happy').

  • 22May
    New Release-Rfid Standalone Access Control with Remote Control to program users

    New Release in May 2021Rfid Standalone Access Control with Remote Control to program users1: It supports EM/Mifare cards2: Voltage: DC12~24V3: Wiegand 26/34 Input and Output,it can support Card reader IN and OUTor Connect with ACB network access control board with softwareIf you want to know detailed information, such as connection diagrams. Instructions, please feel free to call or email us right now.Tel: +86 0755 29450011Email:

  • 01Apr
    The Lastest Wave To Open-Touchless Sensor released in Mar-2021

    This is the latest released touchless sensor, inductive switch button from S4A in March 2021If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact our sales department.thanks

  • 05Mar
    Rapidly rising raw material prices and shortages set the trend in 2021

    Stainless steel market on an upward trendThe market, especially for steel and stainless steel, is currently continuing its upward trend. Supply problems are being reported from the European, North American, and in some cases also South and Central American steel markets.Steel prices have increased significantlyPrices for steel and stainless steel have increased significantly. Some are even talking of a doubling. Delivery times for European steel producers are already six months or more. – so at least in August.Market safeguard measures pose problems for the processing industryWhat is currently bringing the review of the Safeguard measures by the EU Commission and the political events surrounding it into focus in the steel world. There are now strong calls from the processing industry for an end to Safeguard.United States with all-time highs for steelSteel prices in the United States are also reaching new all-time highs and availability is more than limited. The economy in the United States has rebounded and market sources told us that things are currently going crazy there and there is hardly any material to be had.South America also feels the rising prices,In South America, the consuming industry complains of the same suffering. Severe shortages. New material is not yet in sight. And prices are rising sharply. In between, one hears voices from time to time that want to talk down the problem. But at the moment, domestic steel producers are completely overwhelmed and cannot keep up with demand.What about stainless steel imports from Asia?“Imports from Asia would currently be an alternative for many companies. But here, too, it is currently a question of readiness to make decisions and speed. And the right knowledge about where to get material and how to import it properly.The supply chain has not yet returned to normalThe supply chain to and from Asia has not yet fully recovered. There are still not enough containers available where they are needed. The shortage of ships and containers is also reflected in the price. Ocean freight rates have increased eightfold in some cases (European mills significantly increase alloy surchargesAlloy surcharges are up significantly again for March 2021. Looking at Outokumpu’s alloy surcharges for 304 from November 2020 versus March 2021, they have increased by almost 28% (about 54 US cents). From February 2021 to March 2021 by 14 US cents alone.Nickel temporarily at a record level above $20,000/mtOn February 22, 2021, nickel briefly jumped above $20,000 per ton on the London Metal Exchange, Shortly thereafter, it consolidated again and has since held steady between $18.000 and $19,000. Overall, the commodity market seems to be reorganizing. However, we currently see a trend further upwards.Ferro Chrome: Concerns about availability in ChinaThe major Chinese stainless steel producers have very recently increased March prices for high-carbon ferro-chrome tender, After Ulanqab, a major ferroalloy production hub in Mo...

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  S4A-Security For All.  S4A Industrial Co., Limited, Founded in 2010, We have been dedicating in access control production R&D and sales for 10year till now. With the belief that we do one thing well in a lifetime, our CEO has been in this industry for 15 years. During the past 10 years, our products have been exported to various countries and regions. And 90% of customers come from the recommendations of cooperative customers, and 80% of the turnover comes from cooperative customers in the past 10years.Your business is a plant, we are the gardener, our mission is to water and fertilize the plant, and make it become the towering tree. We attach great importance to the partner's appeal, customer's suggestions, and feedbacks. To strengthen Product quality awareness, client's service awareness. Our clients and S4A are on the same path walking for many years.       S4A's future would be even more brilliant, this is related to all of our staff's working sweat. When you join this team, you will feel an invisible power to drive walk forward. S4A mainly produces a series of security Door Access Control such as:Network Access Controller, Locker board, Electromagnetic lock, Standalone door Controller, Automatic door opener, etcOur team can manufacture products, sell products, and do after-sales.We can create value for you! 1-We put quality and price in top priorityQuality takes great importance for a company's credibility, and buyer's every penny spend must worth it. That is our most basic principle. Our business mainly for wholesale, so we could offer large quantities at competitive prices. During the past 10 years, We work hard to create value for our customers, and with our help, customers have an increasing market share. 99% of the customers who have cooperated with S4A will choose 2nd,3rd, and endless purchasing. because S4A not only controls the product quality very well, but the price is also very reasonable. As you can see, we have hundreds of products, but We do not produce all products. We adopt a portfolio strategy and invest in each factory. Because of the large export volume and the stable cooperation relationship with the factory, we can better control the quality and price of the products. Cooperate with us, you have no worries. In the past 10 years, more than 80% of our customers' sales have increased turnover by 15-20% every year. 2 -We have experienced and professional sales Our sales are not just sold products, we also help you choose products, do market research. Our company's top sales team all have more than 8 years of experience in the access control market, our team loves learning, loves sharing, good at summarizing, and dare to undertake responsibility. Because all of us regard the access control field as a career we love throughout our lives. At S4A, you can get a quick response and flexible support, and you can see our ability to solve problems. get professional guidance and recommendations, you don't have to worry about after-sales at all. Our task is: All emails must be replied within 2 hours at a working time!3-We have experienced and professional engineer S4A is equipped with 6 technical engineers for after-sales. and every year, We take out 20% of the net profit as research and development for new products, We all know Access control system is a kind of product with technical knowledge. When you have headaches such as unable to connect wires, Software compatibility issues or programming device, please remember S4A's after-sales support at any time. Our task is: All technical issues must be solved within 4 hours at a working time!4-Support OEM & ODM  All of our products accept OEM and ODM orders at a reasonable quantity. we help customers to promote their brand. We all know Access control is an increasingly popular industry. Based on past experience, we have found that customers who have just started to become distributors do not have a large number, but want to promote their own brands. For this kind of customer, we will also have a special application to do OEM for him. Because Support is mutual.5. S4A Vision Our Vision is to let all people in the whole world free their hands for keys, whether it is in poor areas or developed cities able to use access control.<
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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.