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  • 22May
    New Release-Rfid Standalone Access Control with Remote Control to program users

    New Release in May 2021Rfid Standalone Access Control with Remote Control to program users1: It supports EM/Mifare cards2: Voltage: DC12~24V3: Wiegand 26/34 Input and Output,it can support Card reader IN and OUTor Connect with ACB network access control board with softwareIf you want to know detailed information, such as connection diagrams. Instructions, please feel free to call or email us right now.Tel: +86 0755 29450011Email:

  • 01Apr
    The Lastest Wave To Open-Touchless Sensor released in Mar-2021

    This is the latest released touchless sensor, inductive switch button from S4A in March 2021If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact our sales department.thanks

  • 05Mar
    Rapidly rising raw material prices and shortages set the trend in 2021

    Stainless steel market on an upward trendThe market, especially for steel and stainless steel, is currently continuing its upward trend. Supply problems are being reported from the European, North American, and in some cases also South and Central American steel markets.Steel prices have increased significantlyPrices for steel and stainless steel have increased significantly. Some are even talking of a doubling. Delivery times for European steel producers are already six months or more. – so at least in August.Market safeguard measures pose problems for the processing industryWhat is currently bringing the review of the Safeguard measures by the EU Commission and the political events surrounding it into focus in the steel world. There are now strong calls from the processing industry for an end to Safeguard.United States with all-time highs for steelSteel prices in the United States are also reaching new all-time highs and availability is more than limited. The economy in the United States has rebounded and market sources told us that things are currently going crazy there and there is hardly any material to be had.South America also feels the rising prices,In South America, the consuming industry complains of the same suffering. Severe shortages. New material is not yet in sight. And prices are rising sharply. In between, one hears voices from time to time that want to talk down the problem. But at the moment, domestic steel producers are completely overwhelmed and cannot keep up with demand.What about stainless steel imports from Asia?“Imports from Asia would currently be an alternative for many companies. But here, too, it is currently a question of readiness to make decisions and speed. And the right knowledge about where to get material and how to import it properly.The supply chain has not yet returned to normalThe supply chain to and from Asia has not yet fully recovered. There are still not enough containers available where they are needed. The shortage of ships and containers is also reflected in the price. Ocean freight rates have increased eightfold in some cases (European mills significantly increase alloy surchargesAlloy surcharges are up significantly again for March 2021. Looking at Outokumpu’s alloy surcharges for 304 from November 2020 versus March 2021, they have increased by almost 28% (about 54 US cents). From February 2021 to March 2021 by 14 US cents alone.Nickel temporarily at a record level above $20,000/mtOn February 22, 2021, nickel briefly jumped above $20,000 per ton on the London Metal Exchange, Shortly thereafter, it consolidated again and has since held steady between $18.000 and $19,000. Overall, the commodity market seems to be reorganizing. However, we currently see a trend further upwards.Ferro Chrome: Concerns about availability in ChinaThe major Chinese stainless steel producers have very recently increased March prices for high-carbon ferro-chrome tender, After Ulanqab, a major ferroalloy production hub in Mo...

  • 27Feb
    Access control system market will reach 12.1 billion US dollars in the next 5 years

    According to data from a research report on the access control market by Marketsandmarkets, the access control industry is expected to grow from USD 7.5 billion in 2018 to USD 12.1 billion in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.24%. The main driving factors for the growth of the access control market are the increase in the global crime rate and the increase in user adoption of access control solutions; the second is the deployment of wireless technologies in security systems and the deployment of security systems based on IoT security systems and cloud computing platforms Universal application.The report pointed out that access control system as a service (ACaaS) applications, based on the widespread use of mobile access control, coupled with the gradual increase in urbanization in emerging countries, combined these factors to provide access control vendors with a broad market. Among them, biometric card readers are expected to grow at the highest compound annual growth rate in the next five years (2019-2014), including fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, and face recognition. Due to the increasing demand for security from government facilities, factories, power stations, defense agencies, and enterprises, biometric card reader have the best development period.Researchers predict that in the vertical market, the RFID access control market for family residences will have the highest compound annual growth rate in the next five years. In the smart home system, the access control system is mainly used to improve security. The key factors that promote the growth of this market are the rising global crime rate and the continuous advancement of technology. The current user demand for fire and gas leak detection is increasing. To ensure the safety of children and the elderly at home. At the same time, the growing guide home market is also promoting the upgrade of access control solutions from another dimension.Increasing security issues will drive users' demand for door access control systems in the Asia-Pacific region, so this region is also regarded as the region with the highest compound annual growth rate in the future. Factors such as industrialization, commercialization, and increasing demand for security systems have become key factors in the development of the market. In addition, compared with other regional markets, the rising crime rate and the inconsistency of police deployment have also caused users to have more access control systems. demand.Author:Written by Ms.Anna Zhang from S4A INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED

  • 23Jan
    Holiday Notice of New Year in 2021

    S4A New year holiday's Notificationif you have any questions or require technical support during these days, pls kindly email back to: Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year ahead.Author: Written by Mr.Juan from S4A INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED

  • 11Feb
    Market Analysis: Access Control System Market

    With the rapid development of China's economy, people's attention to security issues has prompted the rapid development of China's security industry market. The social security situation caused by the process of economic development is also worrying. The ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor has caused the crime rate in developing countries to rise, and the demand for controlled access systems in society is also increasing.At present, the integration of entrance and exit systems with monitoring, anti-theft alarm, and intercom systems is the general trend, and the boundaries of the four security systems are becoming more and more blurred. The four security systems all rely on computer software integration platforms, including access control and parking lot management systems. The integration of the entrance and exit system and the intercom system also started.If you want to check the demo software,pls contact S4A right now!The access control system and the parking lot system are collectively called the entrance and exit control system. As the name suggests, it is a system that controls the entrance and exit passages. Where to let certain people, refuse certain people, when to sound an alarm, and remember the process of entering and exiting to achieve control Security purpose. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. The traditional mechanical door lock is just a simple mechanical device. No matter how reasonable the structural design and how strong the material is, people can always open it by various means. It is very troublesome to manage the keys in the passages where a large number of people enter and exit. If the key is lost or the personnel are replaced, the lock and key must be replaced together.In order to solve these problems, the emergence of electromagnetic locks and electronic code locks has improved people's management of entrances and exits to a certain extent and made the management of channels enter the electronic age. However, with the application of these two electronic locks, Their own defects are gradually exposed. The amount of information stored by the magnetic stripe is small, the contact card and the card reader are worn out, and the failure rate is high. The problem with the magnetic card lock is that the information is easy to copy and the safety factor is low.In recent years, with the development of proximity card technology and biometric technology, the access control system has developed rapidly and has entered a mature period. Induction card access control systems, fingerprint access control systems, iris access control systems, and finger vein recognition access control systems have appeared. , Face recognition access control system, out-of-order keyboard access control system, and other technical systems, have their own advantages in security, convenience, ease of management, etc., and the application fields of access control systems are becoming wider and wider. As the usage...

  • 13Jan
    The development trend of China's security market is improving in 2021

    The development trend of China's security market in 2021China's security industry has maintained a momentum of rapid growth. Industrial technology, consumer markets, and corporate brand building have all been rapidly improved, and the industrial connotation has gradually expanded, forming an industry integrating R&D, manufacturing, construction, integration, operation, and sales services. Chain, access control, physical protection, anti-theft alarm, explosion-proof security inspection, entrance, and exit access control systems, and other systems are fully developed. At present, China has become one of the most important security access control markets in the world, and it is also the world's largest manufacturer of security access control products. Data show that the total revenue in the chinese access control market in 2016 was about 6.4 billion U.S. dollars. According to forecasts, the chinese market will be about 10.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and the average annual compound growth rate is expected to be about 12%.Industry development trend   1. The security industry will continue to maintain rapid developmentThe security industry is closely related to the level of economic development, technological development, residents' security awareness, and the international anti-terrorism situation. With economic development and technological advancement, the demand for social public security protection is increasing, security awareness is gradually increasing, and the rapid economic development of developing countries and regions, the accelerated urbanization process, and other factors have promoted the security industry worldwide. Especially developing countries will continue to maintain rapid development.2. Market applications continue to expand in depth and breadthWith the continuous development of the security industry, traditional security fields such as finance, public security, transportation, telecommunications, and other applications will be more in-depth; emerging application fields such as education, health care, safety production, etc. are growing rapidly, and civilian fields such as smart buildings, communities, Resident security applications are also growing rapidly, and the personalized needs of users have become an important growth point. Market applications are gradually extending from developed countries to developing countries, from first-tier cities to second-and third-tier cities and rural areas, and market demand is gradually expanding.3. Industry concentration continues to increaseIn recent years, the security access control industry has seen the development trend of reorganization, merger, and joint development. The integration of technology, brand, and capital will be deeper. The cooperation between enterprises has expanded from products and channels to the level of capital and brand, and the industry is concentrated. Accelerated increase in market share and further concentration of market share to main...

  • 24Dec
    Chapter Two-The development Trend of security Access Control technology in 2020

    In non-contact biometric technology, face recognition is the most important module. Since 2019, the application of "face swiping" has been widely used. The epidemic has further promoted development. The future will still be an important direction for AI landing security for a long time. . At present, the traditional face recognition difficulties including face rotation, occlusion, similarity, etc. have been greatly improved, which greatly improves the accuracy of face recognition. With the 2D face, 3D face, and multi-spectral face Represented by multiple modalities, each modal has a different collection and adaptation scenarios, data security levels, and privacy sensitivity, etc. The addition of deep learning of big data enables 3D face recognition algorithms to supplement the defects of 2D projection. The ability to quickly identify people's identities brings certain breakthroughs to the application of two-dimensional face recognition. At the same time, the current living body detection technology is being used as a key technology to improve the security of face recognition, which can effectively resist photo, video, 3D models, prosthetic masks, and other fake fraud, and independently determine the identity of operating users. On the one hand, face applications are mainly for traffic hub scenarios, such as airports and stations, and are mainly used for real-name authentication and key personnel deployment control. On the other hand, it is oriented to city-level applications. Through the docking of the Skynet project, a comprehensive actual combat platform composed of front-end camera deployment and back-end identification platform and big data analysis platform is constructed. In the fields of public security and transportation, the level of facial algorithm technology is leading among AI companies, while traditional companies are mainly led by traditional giants such as Hikvision, S4A, and Dahua. With the rapid development of face recognition technology, many innovative applications such as smart devices, online finance, and face payment have become increasingly common, bringing speed and convenience to everyone's life and work. In addition, in the face of the limitations of Facial recognition access control, gait recognition as a representative body recognition stands out from many technologies due to its difficult to hide, non-contact, and non-invasive characteristics, and has become a "dark horse" in the current biometric recognition field. . Gait recognition recognizes the identity of the target through body shape and walking posture. It is a rather complex behavior feature. Body recognition technology does not require human cooperation and can adapt to more common application scenarios, especially suitable for long-distance identity Recognition. At present, several domestic companies have reached a very high level of recognition accuracy. It is worth mentioning that iris recognition technology is also ...

  • 23Dec
    Chapter One-The development Trend of security Access Control technology in 2020

    Intelligent security access control technology refers to view collection, transmission, storage, video analysis, and big data processing, as well as machine vision, AI chips, algorithms, image sensing, biometrics (face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.), and New technologies such as intelligent video analysis, multi-dimensional data fusion, and big data analysis. From another perspective, a complete intelligent security system mainly includes three parts: access control, alarm, and video surveillance. The new crown pneumonia epidemic can hinder the development of the market, but it cannot stop the progress of security technology. This year, major security companies have intensified the application of technologies such as intelligence, networking, and the Internet of Things. With the development and progress of science and technology, current intelligent security has entered a brand new field. S4A predicts the development trend of smart security technology from data collection, video intelligent analysis, biometrics, data intelligence, and parts, and other technologies based on actual product measurements. Multi-modality is the development direction of biometrics In the artificial intelligence technology system, biometrics is the first technology to enter the application.  Biometric Access Control Systems recognition technology involves many basic sciences and innovative application technologies such as computer science, optics and acoustics, biological sciences, biosensors and biostatistics, security technology, and artificial intelligence technology. It is a complete multidisciplinary Technical solution. Human characteristics currently available for identification include physiological characteristics such as fingerprints, iris, face, palm prints, veins, and behavioral characteristics such as gait, handwriting, and voice. Biometric identification technology has many advantages such as good security, not easy to lose, difficult to counterfeit, and convenient to carry. It is undeniable that from fingerprint authentication, palmprint recognition, finger vein recognition to face recognition and iris recognition, biometric recognition technology is becoming more mature, but it is also entering the "visual" era. Fingerprint access control recognition is the most "traditional" biometric technology. It has a special status. Compared with face recognition and voiceprint recognition, its recognition accuracy and discrimination are much higher. It can even be said that fingerprint recognition is used in many scenarios. The only feasible way. Starting with a major breakthrough in fingerprint recognition technology in 2018, it has more efficiently promoted the transformation of national social public services and business models. However, with an epidemic in early 2020, the application of non-contact access control technology has been highly valued and developed. Palmprint...

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