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  • 03Jan
    Standalone Access Control Production Line

    S4A is a security access control product integrating R&D, production, and sales. Headquartered in Shenzhen. S4A has been working hard in the access control industry for more than +15 years, We have got strong technical support from various main chips, PCB, and housing manufacturers, and integrated a complete industry application supply chain system. With strong product R&D/design capabilities and cost advantages, we can provide you with assured services.S4A with 5self-factories in the Access Control industry, The main production line is, Network access controllers, Electromagnetic lock, Rfid standalone access control, UHF long-range reader, Automatic Swing door opener, etc, and related accessories. The company is committed to continuously developing new products, opening up new markets, vigorously promoting "5S" management, and strengthening the concept of civilized production. With good credit and excellent service, we have established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises. Over the years, a full range of products have spread all over the world, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and other regions, and have won the trust of our customers. Based on the tenet of "quality first, service first, reputation first", we will create brilliance with new and cooperative customers with a professional and innovative business philosophy and a professional spirit of efficiency first.  From the purchase of raw materials, then each shell must be inspected.

  • 11Mar
    Benefits of using a networked control panel

    A networked control panel can offer several benefits in various settings, including industrial automation, building automation, and home automation. Here are some of the main benefits:1,Centralized Control2,Improved Communication3,Enhanced Security4,Remote Access5,Scalability1,Centralized Control: A networked control panel can provide centralized control and monitoring of all connected devices and systems. This can simplify management and increase efficiency, as operators can quickly identify and resolve issues from a single interface.2,Improved Communication: Networked control panels enable real-time communication between connected devices, enabling faster decision-making and response times. This can be critical in industrial or building automation settings where even a small delay can result in costly downtime or safety issues.3,Enhanced Security: Networked control panels can provide enhanced security features such as user authentication, access controls, and encryption. This can help prevent unauthorized access or tampering with critical systems and data.4,Remote Access: With networked control panels, it is possible to access and control connected devices remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. This can be particularly useful in situations where operators need to monitor or adjust systems from off-site locations.5,Scalability: Networked control panels can be easily expanded as the number of connected devices or systems increases, making it possible to accommodate growth and changing needs over time.Overall, a networked control panel can provide significant benefits in terms of efficiency, communication, security, and scalability, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.

  • 08Feb
    Instructions on K80 Access Power supply Terminal Control+ and Control-

    We found that many customers have asked about the connection method of the terminals on the K80 access control power supply. What is this for? How is this wired? What products does it work together?95% of people know about normal wiring.Similar to the following.but What is this for the -Control and +Control, How is this wired?In order to facilitate everyone to find more comprehensive information.Our designer has just drawn a connection diagram for your reference.These two terminals are mainly connected to the building intercom machineto work together and are used to supply power to the building intercom. as below: No matter what aspect of the problem, feel free to drop me a message if you need my help.or WhatsApp me: 0086 134 1050 0721  or email back to: at any time...

  • 11Jan
    Thank you for an amazing 2022, and see you in 2023!

    It is finally that time of the year when the industry starts wrapping up and reflecting on the year we've had – and what a rollercoaster of a year it was for many of us. After a strong start in 2022, it seems that in the second half of the year, many of us are starting to feel the pinch of spending growth slowing amidst global economic uncertainty.To say it wasn't easy would probably be a massive understatement for many of us in the industry. Unfortunately, as the new realities of the world post-COVID-19 kicks in, we hope the new year definitely allows you a new fresh start, and wish for only bigger and brighter things for you and your family. This is our company's holiday notice. 14th,Jan to 28th,Jan,2023Resume back to work on 29th, Jan 2023Thank you very much for your continued support and trust in S4AThank you for an amazing 2022, and see you in 2023!

  • 02Sep
    How is the smart app access control system work?

    With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for access control system are getting higher and higher.Since 2021, a large number of access control machines with APP have emerged in the market.Previously, if you wanted to open the door through an APP, you needed to connect an APP module from a third party.But now we can directly embedded the module Inside the ready-made access control machine. At present, the two hottest apps on the market, the first one is tuya app.The second is TTlock app.tuya apps generally use WiFi, while TT lock apps generally use Bluetooth.But with more and more concerns ,such as :can you open the door remotely?What if a visitor comes? In fact, the latest access control machine with APP can solve these problems you are worried about. What are the advantages of the access control machine with APP? 1. Mobile phone access control has short opening time.2. The success rate of opening the door of mobile phone is high.3. Compared with the previous access control, the mobile phone access control greatly improves the security.4. There are various ways to open door by mobile phone access control.5. Mobile phone access control is easy to install. Bluetooth transmission can realize long-distance reading of the device at a distance of 10 meters, which means that the owner only needs to sense the device within the range to automatically authorize the door opening system, which is smart and fast. 6. It has a dynamic door opening password, which is convenient for visitors to open the door.7. It can prevent thieves from opening door.8. Someone open the door and feedback to the mobile APP.Improve security.9. Nowadays,You may forget to bring your keys, but you will never forget to bring your mobile phones.In line with the current way of life. Moreover, the current access control system with APP is also very cheap.such as S4A T series and TF series. Some only have the functions of swiping cards and passwords, some have the functions of fingerprint plus swiping cards and passwords, and some only have the functions of swiping cards. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact me. If you buy a machine, please contact me after sales.The Best Excellence of the Year award was given to our mouse.Written by Ms.Vivian He from S4A INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED

  • 02Sep
    Analysis of the development trend of Network Access Control systems and solutions-2

    A balance of safety and convenienceThe advantages of smart access control are obvious, such as increasing convenience and realizing the diversification of verification methods: in real life, face recognition, mobile phone replacement of access control cards, etc. have brought great convenience to users; at the same time, the new development of intelligent access control has also Let the security have a new technical guarantee. Taking face recognition as an example, it can effectively identify the identity and prevent the occurrence of card punching and card theft. But on the other hand, compared with traditional access control, there are also new security risks in the upgrade of human-computer interaction experience, such as face recognition data being cracked, face similarity and false release, etc.Therefore, in the deployment of Network Access Control system solutions, manufacturers must grasp the balance between convenience and security. Once the balance is out of balance, there will be security risks.Take the NFC access control card as an example. In practical applications, NFC access control cards are divided into several types. If the user's awareness of safety precautions is insufficient and the user only pursues convenience, it is easy to use simple cards that can be copied by mobile phones in areas with relatively low security precautions, such as communities and underground garages. create a safety hazard. In fact, in these scenarios, virtual cards can be used, and the access control system issues virtual card numbers through exclusive channels. The operation from the cloud to the local has a very complete security mechanism, which will not be easily copied and can increase the safety factor. If the mobile phone is lost, the virtual card can also be frozen quickly, and the cloud authorization certificate is constantly refreshed, so that the validity of the virtual card number can be grasped in real time.At present, many domestic door access control solutions consider convenience, and the awareness of security precautions needs to be strengthened. In practical applications, scenarios with lower security levels in ordinary commercial buildings can be more convenient for users; however, key industries, such as airports, electronic manufacturing plants, nuclear power plants and other application places, need to use state-secret CPU cards, Mifare Access control solutions with higher security standards and encryption technology such as the DESFire EV1 card.S4A has always regarded the realization of product safety as the highest priority and has a very complete safety process. In the product development stage, S4A has already regarded data security as an important consideration, and needs to go through the security review process; after the development is completed, it needs to pass a strict penetration test, inviting data security companies to simulate hackers from the network level, software level, and operating system level. , or e...

  • 31Aug
    Analysis of the development trend of Network Access Control systems and solutions-1

    Driven by technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the technological innovation of Network Access Control system has entered a new stage, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the application of the access control industry. The development of the Internet of Things, the increasing maturity of artificial intelligence, the implementation of face recognition technology and the continuous decline of equipment manufacturing costs, coupled with the high popularity of biometrics, make the promotion of smart access control more favorable. However, there is still room for improvement in its security and stability. It can be said that ensuring the security of Network Access Control Panel is a long-term and continuous challenge. It is not only intelligent, convenient, but also safe and stable. This is the development ambition of access control enterprises and the development direction of the industry. Achieving the security and convenience of the access control system is the choice for enterprises not to forget their original intentions and to live up to the futureForeword: The advancement of artificial intelligence and mobile Internet technology has stimulated a new round of development of the entire access control industry, bringing new players to the industry and new ideas for the development of the entire traditional access control industry.Any product that changes people's daily behavior is inseparable from the support of several technological innovations. In this world where information technology is rapidly updated and potential threats are constantly changing, smart access control can be said to be a product of the times - the Internet of Everything makes the access control system an existence beyond security and has a wider range of application scenarios; Self-learning and self-thinking; the biometric function allows users to free their hands and become a pass.In addition, in terms of technology, artificial intelligence technology, Internet of Things and mobile Internet applications (such as the widespread use of mobile phone Bluetooth, NFC and other technologies) have brought new opportunities for the development of the access control industry. From a policy perspective, the national and local standards for the access control industry issued in 2018, such as the national standard GB/T 37078-2018 "Technical Requirements for Entry and Exit Control Systems", have promoted the development of intelligent access control. So how should smart access control in the new era develop to surpass security, meet future needs, and present more value?Of course, if you want to learn more or have a deeper discussion, you can add our whatsapp: 0086 134 1050 0721  (Anna Zhang).Ms  or email back to me: sales1@s4a-access.comAuthor: Written by Ms.Anna Zhang from S4A INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED

  • 17Sep
    How to distinguish and choose dropbolt lock?

    1. Classification of electric Dropbolt LockElectric Dropbolt Lock can be divided into two-wire, five-wire, eight-wire, etc.; according to different use occasions, such as five-wire, eight-wire and other multi-wire electricDropbolt Lock basically have the function of door magnetic signal detection. In some access control systems, users need to see the real-time opening and closing status of the door on the access control software interface, then they need to choose this electric mortise lock with door magnetic signal detection.2. How to judge the quality of electric Dropbolt Lock?1. When you get the electric dropbolt lock, check whether the surface of the lock body has obvious scratches, and the lock body should have a metallic luster.2. After the power is turned on and the power is turned on for a long time, whether the surface of the lock body is hot, whether the bolt of the electric mortise lock is fully ejected, and whether the bolt springs back forcefully after pressing the bolt.3. Whether the Dropbolt Lock is an ultra-low temperature electric lock, so that the Dropbolt Lock will not get hot during repeated operation, thereby prolonging the service life of the electric Dropbolt Lock.4. Whether the electric Dropbolt Lock has an anti-intrusion circuit design. Some electric Dropbolt Lock on the market are locked by magnetic induction. When the magnetic force artificially disappears or the magnetic force is weakened, the latch springs back to unlock. At the actual installation site, there is a certain gap between the small magnetic plate and the lock body of the electric Dropbolt Lock. Once the magnetic force between the magnetic plate and the lock body is blocked by a small object, the lock body will automatically open because it does not sense the magnetic force. deadbolt. This kind of electric Dropbolt Lock will inevitably have certain security risks. The electric Dropbolt Lock with anti-intrusion circuit protection is locked by sensing the magnetic force of the small magnetic sheet. Once the electric mortise lock is locked, the electric mortise lock can only be opened by receiving the door opening signal or power off. Because of the presence or absence of the magnetic force of the small magnetic sheet, the safety of the Dropbolt Lock is affected.Author: Written by Ms.He from S4A INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED

  • 27Aug
    S4A Mid-Autumn Festival in Sep, 2022

    Dear All S4A Valuable Partners:S4A factory mainly produces access control and automatic door opener.Thank you very much for your continued support of our company.Please kindly be informed that S4A for the The Mid-Autumn Festival,as below:Holiday in Aug,2022 from S4AFromToResume backTotal10th,Sep12nd,Sep,13rd,Oct3days offIf you have any technical questions, please call us directly.Tel: 0086 755 29450011

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  S4A-Security For All.  S4A Industrial Co., Limited, Founded in 2010, We have been dedicating in access control production R&D and sales for 10year till now. With the belief that we do one thing well in a lifetime, our CEO has been in this industry for 15 years. During the past 10 years, our products have been exported to various countries and regions. And 90% of customers come from the recommendations of cooperative customers, and 80% of the turnover comes from cooperative customers in the past 10years.Your business is a plant, we are the gardener, our mission is to water and fertilize the plant, and make it become the towering tree. We attach great importance to the partner's appeal, customer's suggestions, and feedbacks. To strengthen Product quality awareness, client's service awareness. Our clients and S4A are on the same path walking for many years.       S4A's future would be even more brilliant, this is related to all of our staff's working sweat. When you join this team, you will feel an invisible power to drive walk forward. S4A mainly produces a series of security Door Access Control such as:Network Access Controller, Locker board, Electromagnetic lock, Standalone door Controller, Automatic door opener, etcOur team can manufacture products, sell products, and do after-sales.We can create value for you! 1-We put quality and price in top priorityQuality takes great importance for a company's credibility, and buyer's every penny spend must worth it. That is our most basic principle. Our business mainly for wholesale, so we could offer large quantities at competitive prices. During the past 10 years, We work hard to create value for our customers, and with our help, customers have an increasing market share. 99% of the customers who have cooperated with S4A will choose 2nd,3rd, and endless purchasing. because S4A not only controls the product quality very well, but the price is also very reasonable. As you can see, we have hundreds of products, but We do not produce all products. We adopt a portfolio strategy and invest in each factory. Because of the large export volume and the stable cooperation relationship with the factory, we can better control the quality and price of the products. Cooperate with us, you have no worries. In the past 10 years, more than 80% of our customers' sales have increased turnover by 15-20% every year. 2 -We have experienced and professional sales Our sales are not just sold products, we also help you choose products, do market research. Our company's top sales team all have more than 8 years of experience in the access control market, our team loves learning, loves sharing, good at summarizing, and dare to undertake responsibility. Because all of us regard the access control field as a career we love throughout our lives. At S4A, you can get a quick response and flexible support, and you can see our ability to solve problems. get professional guidance and recommendations, you don't have to worry about after-sales at all. Our task is: All emails must be replied within 2 hours at a working time!3-We have experienced and professional engineer S4A is equipped with 6 technical engineers for after-sales. and every year, We take out 20% of the net profit as research and development for new products, We all know Access control system is a kind of product with technical knowledge. When you have headaches such as unable to connect wires, Software compatibility issues or programming device, please remember S4A's after-sales support at any time. Our task is: All technical issues must be solved within 4 hours at a working time!4-Support OEM & ODM  All of our products accept OEM and ODM orders at a reasonable quantity. we help customers to promote their brand. We all know Access control is an increasingly popular industry. Based on past experience, we have found that customers who have just started to become distributors do not have a large number, but want to promote their own brands. For this kind of customer, we will also have a special application to do OEM for him. Because Support is mutual.5. S4A Vision Our Vision is to let all people in the whole world free their hands for keys, whether it is in poor areas or developed cities able to use access control.<
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