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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless access control?

September 24, 2022

Compared with traditional access control, the emergence of wireless access control is the best interpretation of the definition of wireless, which swept away the tediousness and complexity attached to access control, but the stability and security that were greatly reduced. Although wireless technology is constantly breaking through the barriers of line, distance and cost, its further improvement and breakthrough in security will be the killer to completely defeat wired access control and seize the market and users in the future.

The traditional access control is to use complex wiring to network the cables of each door point, including power supply and control, and the amount of engineering is very large. However, with the rapid development of access control technology and the widening of applications, more and more industry peers and customers have begun to realize that traditional wired networked access control system solutions may not be suitable for some professional applications, such as inconvenient wiring engineering. , or already renovated residences, or hotel room access control systems with a huge application volume. So wireless access control was proposed in this context.

The advantages and disadvantages of wireless access control coexist

It has been more than ten years since wireless access control was proposed, but according to the situation of its market application, it is not optimistic. The reason, Anna Zhang, product manager of S4A industrial co.,limited, believes that at present, manufacturers and users are watching the growth of wireless technology with a wait-and-see attitude. On the one hand, they applaud their breakthroughs in convenience, and many more Users want to try new technology in access control, but on the other hand, they are hesitant to question its stability and security. Although the emergence of wireless access control has reduced the complicated wiring and maintenance projects of wired access control, greatly improved the aesthetics of the access control, and saved the cost of users to a greater extent, it is still technically impossible to do the same as wired access control. To the real-time, smooth, stable and safe effect, the market's acceptance of wireless access control has decreased. Rao Ruqun explained that although there is the protection of encryption technology, wireless transmission is carried out in the air, unlike wired transmission, which is transmitted through lines. If others want to intercept and steal data, they must enter the access control environment and need to pass the line Therefore, it is easy to be intercepted and cracked, and the security cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, in the function of avoiding interference, wireless access control is easily interfered by magnetic fields, such as computers, home appliances, etc., which are easy to interfere with the transmission of wireless data. Although manufacturers use frequency hopping technology to avoid interference, they can only be constructed to a certain extent. Interference, and to avoid it completely, the current technology is powerless.

Transmission method of wireless access control

The wireless network has the characteristics of being free to move, surfing the Internet at any time, and easy to set up. Therefore, it is different from the traditional wired connection method, and has greater convenience. At present, the main wireless communication technologies include GPRS, CDMA, Bluetooth (Bluetoth), Wi-Fi, ZigBee, etc., all of which have some problems. Among them, although the operator's 3G/4G supports long-distance transmission, its tariff is too high for users to afford. At the same time, the transmission delay of the signal through the GSM network is relatively large, and the performance is not ideal; while the transmission methods such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are cost-effective. It has an advantage in investment and also achieves low power consumption, but due to the limitation of transmission distance, it can only achieve short-distance transmission, which is difficult to support in long-distance transmission.

The future development direction of wireless access control

Compared with wired access control, wireless access control has obvious advantages and obvious shortcomings. Any new thing, there will inevitably be some doubts in the market, and for the future development of wireless access control, the bigger breakthrough is in the overcoming of security technology. How to achieve the coexistence of intelligence and security, and how to dispel users' concerns about the stability, reliability and security of wireless systems are the biggest problems in market promotion at present, and it is also an arduous task to gain the trust and confidence of users and businesses. 

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