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Six application areas of Door access control systems

August 31, 2020

1: Office Building


The installation of access control in the company gate can effectively prevent outside salesmen from entering the company and disrupt, and it can also effectively prevent outsiders from entering the company, ensuring the safety of the company and employees' property. It Can effectively track whether employees leave their posts without authorization. The attendance can be checked through the supporting attendance management software, without the need to buy a clock, the attendance results are more objective and fair, and the statistics are fast and accurate, which can greatly reduce the work intensity and workload of the personnel department. It can effectively solve the problem that some employees have to replace the door key for fear after leaving. You can conveniently and flexibly arrange anyone's authority and opening time for each door. You only need to take a card, without taking a large number of heavy keys, and the security is more reassuring than the keys.


2: Application of access control systems in the Community


Generally, access control systems are installed on residential gates, fence gates, electric doors, iron doors, fire doors, and anti-theft doors of units. (you could choose locks for indoor use or outdoor use if, for outdoor, we recommend to take EL-W600 280KG IP65 waterproof version), It can effectively prevent idle people from entering the community, and conduct closed management of the community. It can change the inaccurate and imprecise management method of the community security who rely on memory to determine whether it is an inaccurate and inaccurate management method by outsiders. If it is a community owner, the new security guards will cause disgust from the owner. If outsiders are well dressed, the security guards may think they are the owners and do not interrogate them. This will also bring about safety hazards. A safe and scientific access control system can improve the quality of the property and is more conducive to developers to promote real estate. Owners will also benefit from scientific and effective access management. The networked access control facilitates the security to monitor the entry and exit of all gates at any time. If there is an accident or case, the entry and exit records can be inquired to provide evidence afterward. It can be combined with building intercom system and video intercom system. It can realize the all-in-one card with the internal consumption parking lot management of the community.


3: Application of access control in government offices


It can effectively regulate the office order, can prevent illegal personnel from attacking government offices, and protect the personal safety of leaders.


4: Application of access control in the medical hospital system


It can prevent outsiders from entering the infected area and precision equipment room.


5: Application of access control in telecom stations and power supply bureau substations


Telecom stations and power supply bureau substations have such characteristics: There are many base stations, requiring large system capacity. The distribution area is very wide, even hundreds of square kilometers. It has its own network for networking, and some places are unattended, requiring the central dispatching room to maneuver on-site staff at any time.


6: Application of entrance guard in intelligent elevator control


Also known as access elevators, RFID card elevators, access control elevators, only authorized users can perform: call elevators, according to floors; related intelligent communities have used more and more related equipment, specially designed control circuits for elevator control, forming a proprietary The elevator access control system.

Author: Written by Mrs Auguest Yu from S4A INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED

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