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Access Control Board ADVANTAGE
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  • Inside access control panel box - The controller board will have a sticker on the front labeled "S/N#"

    In the software - Under the "Controllers" section 

  • On the inside door of your Controls panel box - A label will display 

  • No. In order to release a door using the included proximity cards they must first be programmed to the system using the included software. 

  • The recommended cable types are "22 gauge 6-conductor shielded" for Readers and 18 gauge 4 or 6 conductor cable 

    for the locking hardware. Deviation from these recommendations may cause unexpected behavior and or invalidation of your equipment warranty.

  • Our advantages: easy to install, easy to use, easy to upgrade, high stability and compatibility. 

    You may find we don't have a lot of models, but all these models are S4A's elite of 10 years experience in this industry.

  • For the time being we only have English and Chinese version.

    But we could provide demo tool to translate according to your demand.

  • Brief features-Additional Information

    Below is some additional information and a brief list of other features. If you need more detailed information, 

    please refer to the help guide within the software for further instruction. Or, contact  S4A Technical Support.


    1: To release any door(s), right click on “Doors”and select “Remote Open”


    2: You can change the open delay for any and all doors.


    3: You can unlock or lock any and all doors by changing the control state.


    4: If the doors are set to “Door Closed” mode, it is the equivalent of a lockdown.

    No doors will open with cards.

    5: The Door Controlled option is the normal operating state for the Contactless Card Management system.


    6: The attendance and Patrol features are explained further in the help guide within the software.

    Additional information and complete help file is available in the software under help>manual.




    Peripheral Control: To configure inputs and outputs of the ACB-001 ACB-002 ACB-004input/output modules.


    Password Management: For dual-factor authentication or manual entry of card number.

    Anti-Passback: Enables/defines parameters for the anti-passback feature.


    Interlock: Enables/defines multi door interlock feature.


    First Card Open: Enables/defines the first card open feature, which allows one (or more)   card(s) to be configured in such a way 

    that if one of them opens a door (or doors), the door(s) remain open until a selected time.


    Console: Check and adjust time, upload, download, remote open and monitor time options.


    Check Status: Checks the communication status of doors.

  • Run the program “SQLServerConfig.exe” under the software installation directory in your computer.

    8. SQL server database sharing 

    Then click new connection, select this one

    8. SQL server database sharing 


    8. SQL server database sharing 

    Finally, click “ test connection”

    8. SQL server database sharing 

    Now, SQL server database sharing successfully.

Sales Hotline: 86 755 2945 0011
Mob: 86 134 1050 0721
E-mail : sales@s4a-access.com
Address : 6th Floor, Haotai Industrial Zone,Minzhi Road,Longhua New District,Shenzhen,PRC. 518131
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