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  • Now, many customers get a problem that how to connect biometric device ( such as finger reader ,facial device etc) to controller and how to operate in the software.

    Now let’s introduce how to connect biometric device with our access controller by example as finger reader:

    This solution also suitable for how to connect facial recognition to controller. 

    Here’s the solution

    1: Connection fingerprint card reader with Access Control

    The default output of Fingerprint reader is wiegand 26 bit. so there has connection the cables with  D0 , D1 ,GND for access control!


    Generally that is better to use the power supply with fingerprint card reader , because of sometimes the controller will have not enough 

    current flow to support fingerprint card reader.

    2Operation between fingerprint card reader and access controller

    Only users registered on finger reader can output wiegand 26 bit , otherwise can't

    Generally , the default wiegand output format is device No. + register No. then you can register card No. in access controller software.

    For examplethe fingerprint device No. is 1, and the user register No. is 100,so the appeared No. is 100100 on the Access Control software , 

    then you assign privilege to this user , finally the user registered on fingerprint card reader can open the door.

    There is two ways to see the Wiegand output format how to appeared on access controller software

    If you want to install more fingerprint reader in the same network and activate UPLOAD function,

    it means, if in the same network, we need to install 10pcs fingerprint reader and enroll 1 time. then upload to the 2nd device to the 10th device.

    we could order FR-001 fingerprint reader, for more information, pls inquiry now!

  • We need to do a self-check firstly:


    - we use the demo software,connect UHF readers.and then click set parameter

    - we can take UHF reader to another more empty place to test,avoiding signal interface

    - pay attention to the installment angle for UHF reader

    - check if there is other things covered on cards or labels

    - check if this UHF cards or tags aging or not

    - Check if your UHF cards are from us or not.and if they are EPC GEN2 ISO18000-6C

  • Troubleshooting Guide for Access control board

  • Please ask sales the profile ‘deal the same number for WG data’

  • A network access system allows us to identify who and what is on our network. 

    It keeps unwanted devices and unauthorized users out which ensures that network assets are protected. 

  • If so,we can try USB to RS232 converter.Or use RS485 interface.

  • It also allows us to provision and enforce custom security policies, create reports for regulatory compliance, and easily identify at-risk devices.

  • ISO 18000-6 is an international standard governing the way tags and readers communicate in the UHF spectrum. 

    There are currently three versions: 18000-6A, 18000-6B and 18000-6C. Of these, 18000-6C is by far the most commonly used.

Sales Hotline: 86 755 2945 0011
Mob: 86 134 1050 0721
E-mail : sales@s4a-access.com
Address : 6th Floor, Haotai Industrial Zone,Minzhi Road,Longhua New District,Shenzhen,PRC. 518131
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