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WIFI Access Control Module with time delay

Project Introduction:

 (Support APP+2G+3G+4G)

1: Voltage:  (7-32V voltage)

2: Maximum Capacity:10A

3: Function:Self-Locking and Inching Mode

4: Installation Environment: With WIFI

5: Support IOS and Android phone

The crowd:
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  • Product parameters
  • Connection Diagram
  • Quality assurance
  • Package

WIFI Access Control Module (Support APP+2G+3G+4G)


DC 7-32V

Quiescent current


Maximum Load power


Installation Environment




Time delay

3s 6s 9s adjustable

(press Config+Model switch button together)

WIFI Access Control Module

Inching/Self-Locking Switch for WIFI module


APP Installation-Registration

1. Failed to register eWeLink account with email address

Please update the APP to the latest version. This problem has been solved

in latest version.


2. Registration problems


2.1 For Asian users,only supports registration and sharing by phone number account.

2.2 For users outside Asia, only supports registration and sharing by email address.

2.3 Failed to receive any validation code in registration.


Please disable SMS blocking. Please check your junk mail box.

If you still can't receive the validation code, please submit a feedback to us


LED Indicator:

There are 3 LEDs, the LED beside self-lock/inching mode button indicates the working mode(on: self-locking mode, off: inching mode).


The LED beside on/off setting button indicates WIFI status(enter pairing status: long press the setting button until LED blinks fast).


And the one below the relay indicates relay on or off status(on: turn on connected device, off: turn off connected device).


3. How to use APP:

3.1 Power up the device with 7V DC or 12V DC.or 32V

3.2 Press the button for 7 seconds until the red LED blinks like below:

If it’s a 1st generation device, when enter pairing status the LED blinks 1 time and repeat.

WIFI Access Control Module

For Android, Please select the first icon.



LED indicator fast blinks 1 time and repeats, please select the 2nd icon.

Other blinking ways, please select the 1st icon.


For IOS, please go to Phone Setting>WiFi>connect the WiFi begins with ITEAD-******, enter default password 12345678. 

Go back to eWeLink, select the 2nd icon if your version is 2.4.0 or higher, select the 1st icon if your version is lower than 2.4.0. Click next.


3.3 It will auto-search and connect smart home device around you.

3.4 Input your home SSID & password:

3.5 If no password, keep it blank.

3.6 Now ZJ_G1 only support 2.4G WiFi communication protocol, 5G-WiFi is not supported.

3.7 Next, eWelink will search the device and add it to your account,it takes 1-3 minutes. When this complete, you can give your device a name.

3.8 Name the device to complete.


Maybe the device is “Offline” on eWeLink, for the device needs 1 minute to connect with your router and server.

When the green LED on, the device is “Online”, if eWeLink shows still “Offline”, please close eWeLink and re-open.


How to Add device - Pairing

 Pls send an email back, we will send the user manual soon, thanks

WIFI Access Control Module

WIFI Access Control Module with time delay

WIFI Access Control Module with time delay

WIFI Access Control Module with time delay

From the day of purchasing Crypton & S4A products 

(in formal purchase invoice date, here in after referred to as: the purchasing date) , 

Crypton &S4A offer you free warranty 

(All Standalone access control within 1year quality guarantee (include OEM&ODM order)

There will be labour and parts cost charged if the warranty period is expired; 

If the product need to be renovated, there will be labour cost and handling cost.

Sales Hotline: 86 755 2945 0011
Mob: 86 134 1050 0721
E-mail : sales@s4a-access.com
Address : 6th Floor, Haotai Industrial Zone,Minzhi Road,Longhua New District,Shenzhen,PRC. 518131
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